This page will contain information about coaching course syllabuses, coaching courses, registered qualified coaches, registered probationary coaches, coaching standards (including child protection policies and risk assessments), coaching conferences and a bibliography of useful literature.

Please note: As a result of the BFA Agenda 2008 programme to bring the BFA’s coaching qualifications in line with UKCC requirements, all of our coaching qualification syllabuses are under review. However, our Level 1 course will retain its structure and core syllabus until its replacement has been completed.

Registered Coaches

Currently there are 20 registered coaches in the United Kingdom, of which 9 are fully qualified (3 Level 3, 1 Level 2 and 6 Level 1) and 11 are probationary coaches (all Level 1).

At the moment, information about registered coaches is kept offline. If you need to check the status of a coach, please send an email the BFA National Coach (click here). Every registered coach has a Coaches Reference Number; if the coach has supplied this, then please include it with your message.

Coaches Library

This section contains a list of books or articles that will be of use to a finswimming coach.

General finswimming coaching

  • Kerll, K-H, Editor (1987). Fin Swimming Manual. Verlag Stephanie Naglschmid, Stuttgart. ISBN 3-925342-41-9. This book is still available direct from Stephanie (
  • Kolanda, J (1990). Traininstips fürs Flossenschwimmen. Verlag Stephanie Naglschmid, Stuttgart. ISBN 3-925342-45-1. This book is still available direct from Stephanie (
  • Busuttili, M, Holbrook, M, Ridley, G & M Todd, Editors (1998). Sport Diving. 12th Edition. British Sub-Aqua Club, Telford. ISBN 0-09-18642901.
  • Newsholme, E, Leech, T & G Duester (1994). Keep on Running. J Wiley & Sons, London. ISBN 0-471-94314-2.

Sports safety, injuries and prevention

  • Anon. (2003). Managing health and safety in swimming pools. 3rd Edition. HSG179. HSE Books, Sudbury. ISBN 978-0-7176-2686-1.
  • Read, M & P Wade (1996). Sports Injuries. 2nd Edition. Butterworth Heinemann, London. ISBN 0-7506-3112-0.
  • Larkins, P, Editor (2004). Avoiding injury. Running fitness, Kelsey Publishing, Cudham. ISBN 1-873098-70-7.
  • Alter, M J (1997). Sport Stretch. 2nd Edition. Human Kinetics, Champaign, USA. ISBN 0-88011-823-7.

Specific training

  • Radcliffe, J C & R C Farentinos (1999). High-Powered Plyometrics. Human Kinetics, Champaign, USA. ISBN 0-88011-784-2.
  • Janssen, P G J M (1987). Training Lactate Pulse-Rate. 6th Edition. Oy Liitto, Finland. ISBN 952-90066-8-3.

Please remember that:

  • This list is not exhaustive but a reasonable starting point,
  • The opinions and/or views of the authors are their own and may not represent good practice or the opinions  and/or views of the British Finswimming Association.