Being a member of the BFA has many benefits for you and your club. The Association has a diverse membership.

It welcomes members from any racial, religious or sexual background and will never permit discrimination in any form.

The Association welcomes disabled individuals but asks any disabled individuals to make contact with the National Coach to discuss whether the sport would be appropriate.

The membership benefits include:

  1. Being able to compete in British competitions and certain competitions abroad,
  2. Being covered by a third part liability insurance that covers training and competitions both in the UK and abroad. It also covers some other underwater sports,
  3. Being able to contact coaches and other clubs around the country,
  4. Having access to the support services provided by the British Finswimming Association, such as support in applying for local sporting initiatives, such as the Free Access for National Sportspeople (FANS) scheme,
  5. Having access to coaching and teachin schemes and qualifications,
  6. Having access to qualifications such as the BFA’s “Safe Entry into the Water ” certificate (required for competition and by some local council pools) and the “Immersion Certificate” (required for Immersion racing and training),
  7. Have access to sports science knowledge through the British Finswimming Association’s coaches’ workshops,
  8. Discounts when ordering from Mailsports, an online watersports clothing and equipment retailer.

This list is not exclusive but gives an indication of membership benefits.

The membership forms will be available here soon.

Although there are no age limits for the sport, we do suggest that potential members be confident in the water. The sport requires the individual to undergo rigorous exercise and may not be appropriate for all people.