Announcement on behalf of the BFA National Management Committee

UK Sports and Sports England have published details of the framework for their acceptance of the British Underwater Sports Association [BUSA] as the National Governing Body [NGB] for underwater sports in the UK.

The recognition of BUSA will allow the British Finswimming Association [BFA] to access support for governance projects and other similar projects.

With this acceptance, there will be opportunities for funding both through the national and regional government agencies and through associated sports funding from private agencies. This funding will be available at NGB level, club level and (for very limited projects) individuals.

It should be noted that all funding proposals must be submitted through the BFA. The process involves support from several other organisations, which require the involvement of the BFA.

It also should be noted that there will be no chance of individual athlete funding as finswimming is not an International Olympic Committee [IOC] Medal sport. In addition, all individual applications are more likely to be rejected.

The National Management Committee [NMC] will be contacting clubs to discuss potential projects that might attract funding and support. The NMC will also research further in to this development and provide more information, which will be published in due course.

For more information on this announcement, please feel free to contact the BFA Chair (Alaric Smith) National Development Officer (Slava Feniov) or the Treasurer (Elena Oleinik).

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